Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How Pinteresting & DIY Chevron Manicure

What a crazy couple of days! Things have been so busy around here, with renos, kids, daily stuff and working on some logo/business card designs for a friend. I actually don't remember when I did laundry last, but know I am running out of socks! I think Gray has one more pair of pants left too...LOL..oh, well, such is life! Oh, and if you've emailed me, sorry...I'm getting a bit behind on that too. And actually if anyone has a handy dandy system for filing emails and keeping track of ins and outs and who to reply to and what to do in regards to emails...please let me know how you do it!!!!!!LOL!

Anywho...happy Wednesday! I am killing two birds with one stone today, you get a DIY and How Pinteresting post all in one...that should hold you over for a bit, ya?

A couple weeks back I posted these nails and have been thinking about them ever since....they were honestly the coolest thing I have seen since, like, peanut butter on apples....

So I had to give them a try.


2 coordinating shades of nail polish
scotch tape
Top coat

Paint your nails with your base coat color-I chose pink! Allow them to fully dry and then, starting with your  pinkie finger on your dominate hand (I found that the easiest), place two pieces of Scotch tape on either side of your nail creating a chevron shape. Continue placing tape onto the rest of your fingers on that hand.

Using your second color, paint in the chevron shape you just created with the tape. Wait a minute or so and peel back the tape ever so carefully! Repeat the process on your other hand.

Ta-da! Not bad for the first time, eh?


Here are some more creative nail ideas I've been collecting and can't wait to try! Painting my nails is such a fun and easy treat for myself. Plus, it's cheaper then going out on a shopping spree when your feeling down :)



Melanie said...

Holy crap! Those are SOOO cool! I LOVE em Lish! I suck at painting my nails already though, this would be a train wreck for this mama to do! I would look like I actually got a maicure at Chevron gas station! lol.

You have pretty hand model hands, btw.

Mary Kate said...

Oh WOW!! I want to go do that now!!! That is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Danielle said...

How cute is THAT!!! Totally stealing this. Love your blog. Newest reader!

Alyx said...

Ah!!! Those are so cute!!! You did an awesome job. Seriously - I wish I had your skillz.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

SUCH a CUTE idea! I wonder if this would work with shellac?

Rachel @ SuiteRevival said...

I love all things nails! The Chevron turned out really cute and have done the ombre looks a few times...I love it!!

Sangeetha Narender said...

cutee.... *.*

Amy said...

Cute! Gosh, I have the hardest time finding the time to do my nails...with a 3 yr old running around, it's next to impossible, and when he's napping, it's my blogging time and I have learned the hard way that typing and wet manicures don't I'm glad you shared this at Shine on Fridays!