Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Day I Lost my Hairstylist....{Naked Face Challenge}

Lately I've been blaming my bad hair days on having kids. You know the of two lets herself go because she is so busy taking care of everyone else, that her own needs and wants bite the dust.

Or so I thought...but after mulling it over, I think the truth about my bad hair goes way back to the day I lost my favorite hair dresser to the big city...

She was fabulous! Always thinking of new and creative ways to cut and color my hair. I didn't even have to ask or tell her anything, she just did her thing while we chatted about anything and everything. It was LOVE.

For almost 3 years she worked her magic on my hair...plum, copper, short, long, asymmetrical, bangs, no bangs...

She started out at a local salon and eventually moved to a bigger city about half and hour away, I followed her of course, but my visits got longer and longer apart.  Prices went up, gas went up, and then I got pregnant....but I still went and got fabulous cuts when I could!

And then the worst thing happened... she moved 2 hours aways!URGH...there was no way I could follow her, let alone afford it!

That was nearly two years ago, two babies and some BAD cuts I am...looking pretty shabby...

My Naked Face-no makeup and unedited!

All thanks to the day I lost my hairstylist...throw in some gray hairs, lack of funds, box dye, lack of time's a disastor up in there on the best of days!

Ok...LOL...totally not my hairstylists fault...but I have to blame someone and my kids are just to darn cute!
Funny, how things can change so much in a couple years and I am only blaming my hair stylist cause she was pretty awesome! Sara, you rock!!! :D

How has your hair/makeup changed since having kids?

Oh, and if your feeling brave I'd love to see you post your naked (no makeup!) and unedited face photo :)

Leave me a link if you are!

and then, she {snapped}



Chrissy said...

Ha, I love this. I can not tell you how much I miss my hairstylist from Chicago, Jillian. She knew my hair and I feel like no one else does. boo

I think you look gorgeous and i wish I looked as fab as you do without makeup on! Hugs xxx

Colleen said...

You look beautiful with no makeup! Since having kids I kid you not, I get my hair cut and colored maybe once a year. I may have to consider box dye at home now with my little greys coming in! Yikes!

Unknown said...

Losing a hairstylist is like a death in the family. I'm so sorry! Brave girl to go naked in front of the camera. You look fabulous!

Unknown said...

oh you may like these short hairstyles for thick hair