Friday, May 11, 2012

Mama's Day

Holiday weekends are always busy around here...going there, going here, going everywhere. This weekend is no exception. Spending time at Mike's parents, my parents, Grayson has gymnastics and a building workshop (if you have kids and a Home Depot near you-find out if they offer kid workshops-they are great!) Plus, I am working, so it is going to be busy busy...I don't mind though, my weeks are pretty low key so I am looking forward to doing stuff :)

This afternoon I had big plans of painting my toe nails on the deck while Grayson played and Westyn slept. Unfortunately, as soon as I got everything set up, Grayson's bubbles spilled and I had to go inside to get them refilled  in order to divert a crisis. Well, when I came back outside, this is what I found...

Obviously, I ran inside to grab my camera (for the sole purpose of using this against him at his 18th birthday party!) How cute is he, though?! I was trying so hard not to, the nailpolish he used has tons of sparkles in it!, such a pain to get off! LOL!

I did get to put my newly painted feet up a little while later for a couple seconds...

Watching the boys play in the's a daily thing here.

Happy Mama's Day to all you moms out there!

And a special Happy Mother's day to my very own Mom!!!


Angee @ Sunshine in my life said...

Did he learn that from Special Agent Oso too? ;) Too cute!

Melanie said...

Hahaaa! I second Angee's comment! Uggg! Your boys are just double to cuteness! LOVE them. AND LOOOOOVE your cute blue tootsies mama!

Have the best Mommy's Day weekend friend! You deserve to get spoiled rotten!

P/S CONGRATS on your top 3 Finagle a Foto... you hot shot YOU! Mwaah XO.

Nicole said...

I think he did a better job than I do! haha
That is impossibly adorable.
Knit, Nicole, Knit!

Garage Sales R Us said...

Love all the pictures of the little ones! I am participating in Kristina's giveaway with you and just thought I would drop by and meet all the other bloggers! I am a new follower! Hope you will drop by and do the same!