Friday, July 27, 2012

Meet Sarah from All About Blogs

All Things Blogs

Thanks Lish for having me here today to talk about my blog!

What I  blog about......

I blog about anything and everything!  But mostly I blog about crafts, my dog, my life, and occasionally my shoes!  I blog around 2-4 times a week, I have a 5 Things Super Cute Saturday!  I started my blog, because my typing fingers were getting itchy! It's been helping me get out of my "shell", I LOVE to blog!  I've always read blogs and knew that I wanted to start one of my own.  The story behind my blog name All Things Blogs is: I started this blog to share giveaways and blogs, which is why the name is..... All Things Blogs!

Why I keep blogging.......

I love getting comments and followers! I appreciate all my readers and followers!  If any of you are reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love you guys!!! You all are so sweet, and you are the BIGGEST reason why I keep blogging!  If it weren't for you guys you wouldn't be reading this right now!  I especially wouldn't be blogging still if it weren't for my BFF bloggy friend.....! You are the sweetest Kate! I <3 you!

Me Me Me!

I am me! Me is: A up and coming spunky blogger who loves chocolate, her dog, her life, her blog, and smoothies.  I love customizing accessories, braiding my hair, creating, buying shoes, making money, and blogging!  I LOVE taking pictures, maybe someday I will be blogging and be a photographer, I love my Olympus camera, which is what I take most of my pictures with!  I love "LOLing" and "XDing" I ALWAYS laugh at anything, even something that isn't funny!  I love my three side kicks: Hot glue gun, my camera, and washi tape! Gotta love it!


I LOVE to craft! I love to make things! I normally don't make recipes, just because, I'm too lazy! LOL I love yarn, washi tape, beads, cupcake liners, glue guns, lace, ribbon, needles, thread, sewing machines, Styrofoam, charms, flowers, paint, wood, buttons, cardboard, velvet, and fabric!

I love.......

I love life, my computer, love, Pepper, my family, my BFFs, crafts, blogs, my blog, Twitter, Gmail, Blogger, flowers. :] I love to LOVE!

Thanks again Lish for having me!!!

Thanks for sharing Sarah! Now go grab a cup or coffee, orange juice or whatever you please, get comfy and go on over and say hi to Sarah! :D


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