Friday, July 27, 2012

Self Portrait Series-Wrap Up {Link Up}

I figured since I was Co-hosting and all I should probably make a stab at a Self Portrait...hehe...

Obviously I did not think the first one through cause I forgot to clean my mirror! Ha! The joys of kids and fingerprints! And even though the flash went kinda looks cool...

While this angle works, the cloudy day did not, hence why my flash went off in the first photo but without the flash, I look grainy...oh well...trial and error, my friends!

I finally got some good ones after taking a billion photos of myself {enter conceited joke here}..hehe...and got these two on a bright day. AND I managed to do it with the big ole' M button! Now, I don't have a fancy DSLR camera, but my little Canon Powershot SX20IS is pretty powerful and I love the option of being able to adjust the settings depending on the amount of light and stuff. After taking some test shots I adjusted my camera to 1/60  & F4.5. The I set up my Gorillapod and camera on a nearby desk and got comfy in a chair. It was around mid afternoon and used our white curtains as a back drop. It was the perfect reflector for the natural light streaming through the windows! I actually love how true the color turned out, the softness of the shot and that I barely had to edit anything...

This is YOUR week. Just a couple quick rules:

1) Head Shots ONLY! 

2) You ONLY. No kiddos. No pets. 


ONE WINNER will be chosen by Kristine Lynn Photography

Winner will be announced: Friday, August 10th Prize: $25 Starbucks Gift Card



Kimberly @ A Night Owl said...

you are just TOO CUTE! great self-portraits girl!! xo

Melanie said...

Well hello beautiful lady! LOVE your gorgeous selfie... your eyes are awesome! I will post up w/ ya tomorrow. Excited but nervous!

Melanie said...

AHHH! I told you I'd be back. I like being behind the cammy SO much more.

Just had to say again, your selfies rock. SUCH a beautiful mommy!