Thursday, June 13, 2013

Loves on a Thursday-A Special Day

Happy Thursday!! We have a super adorable co-host this week... please welcome Jamie, who blogs over at Kreyv!
If your anything like me and love to drool over pretty interiors, you need to take a little yonder over there and snoop around. Plus, you need to go see what she's loving this week too!

Thank you to everyone that emailed about the L.O.A.T hosting position! I've contacted most of you and just wanted to let the rest of you know that there are BIG changes (all good!) happening for L.O.A.T...but you'll have to wait a little bit to find out! Just another reason to keep coming back week after week, hehe!

Today is a pretty special day around here!

A certain little boy came bouncing into our lives 4 years ago...

Time really does fly by!

Happy Birthday Grayson! 

Of course with party planning comes my need for the house to be spotless, organized, pretty and clean. Ya I know...I'm a little OCD and I have learned that cleaning before a party is a big NO-NO. When I clean I like to enjoy it for at least a day. Nothing like watching juice get spilled on your clean floor, argh...I'm trying to be a little less like that, but it's hard, lol...

Anyway, some things I'm drooling over...


'Nuff said....


I love the hint of neon in this painting...might have to try and replica something like this....


The grass around our playset is either dead or full of weeds, putting some wood chips around the bottom might be in order. Isn't the above set so cute?! I love what they did!

Coral Mint Bracelets, Arrow Neon Bangle, Tribal, Geometry Jewelry, Summer Fashion, Set of 3 Eco Friendly Bangles

I love these colors! Throw in the chevrons and these had me at hello!

Loves on a Thursday is a place for sharing things that are inspiring you, bits of happiness from your life, items your drooling over...pretty much anything that you love.

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Dina Lettre said...

June is a fabulous month for birthdays! I turned 40 on Monday. :)

Hope he has a wonderful day!

Haley Estes said...

I love that little saying its so true!!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Love the's my new mantra!!

Miss Angie said...

Those are great loves! Thank you!

jamie @ [kreyv] said...

Love your loves! Definitely repinning that quote! Thanks for letting me co-host!

Dawnelle Sarlo said...

Totally with you on the clean house thing. Really no point in cleaning the floors especially! and that artwork!! Oh I wish I could replicate something like that. I LOVE it!!!

Judy POFH said...

Hi Lish,

Thank you for hosting a great party.

Pursuit Of Functional Home.

Kelly Westover said...

Awe! happy birthday big boy!!!!

just love