Monday, June 24, 2013

Real Life-Currently


Listening to my four year old stomp through the house cause I want him to wear shorts and he only wants to wear pants. Seriously? It's going to feel like 39C today with the humidity...Oh, and he refuses to go pee this morning as well, which always leaves him in a bright and cheerful mood...NOT!

Contemplating many, many things. So much so that I feel as though my brain can not handle a single other thought without exploding. When did life get so complicated? I have no idea...

Watching the sunshine, it's very bright rays peeking through our big maple tree in the backyard. I am so thankful for the view from my computer, our yard is still glistening from an early morning rain and you can see the humidity already creating a haze over everything. I am also thankful for our air conditioning ;)

Debating over what to do today. I've been putting some things off and know that today is the day to do it. But really, I just want to lounge around with a drink in my hand (does that make me a not so good mom, lol?!)

Reading nothing. I finished three books last week. Again, another not so good mom moment. But honestly, the kids were playing so well together! I had a weak moment and took advantage :)

What have you been up to?

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Carly said...

Ha!!! I love that he's straight up REFUSING to wear shorts. I feel like if I were his age in the heat, I'd refuse to wear pants at all!


Joyce said...

Happy Monday Lish! Let Grayson wear what he wants....he will learn! Don't sweat the small stuff! It ain't worth it! Rain? None here, lucky you, we could use a sprinkle but the strawberries are delicious!