Wednesday, October 22, 2014

24 Weeks & Life Lately

I can't believe that I've been pregnant for 24 weeks already-6 months! That means there are only a few short months's absolutely crazy how time has flown by...and I'm not completely sure how I feel at the moment. Unfortunately, we gave everything (seriously-EVERYTHING) away once we decided we were good with two kids.....So we kinda were a little unprepared to say the least, LOL! Luckily we received a ton of baby stuff from friends, so we have the 'staples.'  But even though we have the basics, I still feel a little 'not ready.'

The Westyn mister and I have been getting lots done though...and even got some fall playing in....gotta love leaves :) Both kids have been a bit of a handful the past few weeks, so once we get Grayson off to school, it's nice to spend the one on one time with this cutie pie. I hope its just the change of seasons that's got them all in shook up and it passes soon....fingers crossed!

How are things in your part of the world?!

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