Thursday, October 16, 2014

Playroom Reveal

It's complete! At least enough that I can check it off the list ;) I can't wait to add some more personal rustic touches to it throughout the years to come...but for now,  I am so happy with the way this came together and the kids love it. Plus, I feel so much better knowing that they aren't playing on a dirty old floor! Let's take a refresher peak at the before (from the old owners)...

And TADA! Love it....For those of you that are IKEA fans, you will notice that most of the furnishings came from there...What can I say-good quality for a good price, and I love the storage ideas!

 One of my favorite focal points in the room is this mountain chalk board cool!

The dresser where the TV sits (for my husbands gaming issue, lol) is from Westyn's old room-he had to upgrade to something bigger...

And of course, what kid area isn't complete with somewhere to hang artwork?!

So there you have it, our Playoom! The first finished room in the new house! What do you think?

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th said...

I love the space. I am going to be revamping a playroom/office and was looking for ideas and sughestions. My kiddos are 7 and 9 (boy and girl). My room is in the basement and has a lot blue on walls and a medium grey, low pile carpet. I am considering a framed chalk wall and dry erase area. I like the IKEA shelving, but it depends on the budget. I will also need to keep a corner for the office since the kiddos are in school all day. My room is approximately 13x13. I would appreciate your thoughts 😉 Thank you!