Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall Front Porch Inspiration

Happy October friends! We've enjoyed a whole week of warm fall-ish type weather and now it's raining...booo....but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming of crisp fall leaves, warm colors, hot teas and cozy spots around the house..i.e I've been on Pinterest a lot, lol!!! The first item to get a fall makeover on our front porch was the door! It was a rather weird shade of hunter/forest green, that looked like it had been spray painted-yuck! So it go a lovely shade of turquoise to brighten it up :)

I'm not lovin' the gold accents in the window part of the door but unfortunately it's not changeable until the door goes...and that's not happening anytime soon! The whole porch actually needs to be repaired and restructured, but that is next Spring's job...until then we are making the most of it.

Some inspiration for our fall decor on the porch came from these 2 pics....

Unfortunately some of my lovely mums and corn stalks got attacked by squirrels...grrr...

The final missing piece to the front porch is to recover our very old and ratty cushions on our love seat. I've been ogling over this fabric for awhile now....

Gorgeous Backyard Makeover

So at this moment I am sitting here staring at a roll of fabric that arrived on my door step yesturday! As soon as I saw it was available at Tonic Living I had to have it! Yippee! It's going to look so good (I hope so anyway-fingers crossed!) I'd also like to add a little glam to the vestibule window with a fancy chandelier...I'm liking this one from Ikea.

So what about you-any plans for decorating or changing things up this fall?

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Chrissy said...

Love the door - the color looks wonderful! Great changes and decor! Happy weekend xxx