Friday, October 10, 2014

Playroom Inspiration & Progress

Originally the first room I wanted to tackle and get finished was the dining room/office I started that, got it painted and then stopped. LOL...everyone kept telling me to do one room at a time-but how boring is that?! I definitely don't have the patience to wait something out! So I started thinking about the playroom-because what other room in the house aside from the kitchen gets used that much?!

Here's a look at the before pic-this was one of the original photos used in the real estate listing-I totally forgot to take a before pic-pregnancy brain! The first thing to go was the horrible smelly carpet...I think that aside from it being the old owners playroom it was also the cat hang was so nasty! The carpet was ripped out within an hour of us getting possession of the house, which revealed some lovely blue linoleum of some sort-it was gross too, but we scrubbed the crap out of it and have been living with it for the past 3 months.

And this is what things looked like during the process or painting and installing the floors (for those of you that follow on Facebook they will look familiar!)

Some inspiration I used for the kid's playroom...

room by @Emily Schoenfeld Henderson

back of front door

Were almost are back in place and I just have some finishing touches to stay tuned! Until then, Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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