Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Blogging Tips

I have been blogging for almost 2 years now! Can you believe it? I am ancient! LOL...I've seen tons of blogs out there that are fabulous and successful and that I keep going back to. So I asked myself why? It came down to a couple things-I can relate to their content, they post regularly and I loved their blog design! Then I got to thinking of other things that I hate about some blogs and compiled a list for you to use and implement or ignore-whatever you like! :)

Just Say No - Word Verification

1. Word Verification

You know when I first started blogging I had mine enabled. I hated getting junk mail in my mailbox and telemarketer phone calls, so why would I like to get Spam comments? Yes, it seemed like a good idea...but it's NOT! Do you like getting comments? Then disable your Word Verification! I love commenting on my favorite blogs...but if I'm in a rush, which more times then none I am...inputting the word verification is such a tedious process. Especially because for some reason I can never read the first one and have you noticed that they all contain TWO words now, not just one! There have been times when I was going to comment and then didn't when I saw the Word Verification come up...yes, I am mean...haha.

So word to the wise, turn it off!!!

2. Are you a 'noreply-comment@blogger.com?'

I have made a promise to myself to email all my commenter's back. Well, most everyone, life sometimes gets in the way. But I think it's not only polite, but a nice way to 'meet' your readers. There is one problem with this though and that is when one of my commenter's is a 'No-reply Blogger. Meaning I have no way to return your comment or answer your questions, without going on a mad hunt through your blog, looking for contact info and such. I must confess that in my early days of blogging...I replied directly in my comments section. But I know NOW that people rarely come back to check. I know that I don't!Shame on me! So everyone, go check your blogger profiles and make sure the little box' Show Email' is checked, pretty please? So I can say hi, when you leave a lovely comment :)

To fix both of the above issues head on over here for the quick run down on how to do it!And then I will visit your page more often..haha...no really...go do it!

3. Pretty Pictures

I am a HUGE visual person...I love pretty things and colors! One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing teeny, tiny photos on someones blog. You have all this space to use, so use it!! I would recommend making your photos at least 500 pixels wide (I always make mine 600 pixels), cause then I can see what your showing off without squinting! This also goes for fonts as well, keep it simple and please don't use caligraphy type or fancy script fonts as the main text of your page-it hurts my eyes!

4. About Me Page

Get an about me page (mine is a bit updated-but I will fix it soon!) When I come across a blog that grabs my attention (first impressions count!) I also want to know a little bit about the writer and to see if we have anything in common!

5. Search Box

Have a search box or label section on your blog. So if I'm looking for something, I can do it quickly and not have to spend hours going through your history!

That's it. For now. I could go on and on...but I hear a baby crying so I should get my butt of the computer and go check on him!

Do you have any blogger pet peeves?

Happy Tuesday!



Melanie said...

Hallelujah sista! These are all fabulous tips! OMGosh. Word Verification makes me want to stab my eye out! Good Day friend!

Unknown said...

Yes yes yes. I hate word verify and if I go to a blog that has all post without pictures I almost automatically move on. Another pet peeve of mine is music that automatically plays when you go to a page, although there are successful blogs out there that do this.

Lauren {Adventures in Flip Flops} said...

Yes on the word verification! I was so upset when I found out that though I disabled mine it had turned itself back on (during a giveaway, no less!).

Also, I really hate when people with shops ONLY talk about that/promote things for money. I have found so many wonderful blogs through etsy shops I liked FIRST, so I'm not anti-self promotion. I think we all have to do that to some extent. But, dang. If all you're doing is testing products, doing sponsored giveaways, and updating your shop, well, I'm not super interested.

And the same goes for only EVER doing link-ups.

Ashley said...

I've finally just fixed my "no-reply blogger" issue that you pointed out to me awhile back! Hopefully it works now!

The Remodeled Life said...

I think I'm guilty of all of these things....lol! I'm learning, I promise :).

Jennifer M. said...

Great tips! I am especially annoyed by the no-reply situation. That really shouldn't be an option allowed, because it causes nothing but problems! If these people don't want to be known, why do they leave comments in the first place? It's hardly any better than just being Anonymous. Sigh... don't get me started. Lol.

Gina said...

Awesome tips! I needed to learn more about replying through email. Thanks for sharing that :)

And word verification is so unnecessary! I agree.

Hope you have an awesome day!

xo, gina