Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-The Door

This door seems to be the source of lots of fun in this house...nearly two years ago I was taking photos of Gray doing the same thing, with the same door. While Gray came running (crawling) anytime he heard the door open cause he wanted up the stairs, Westyn comes crawiling anytime I have left the door open, cause he wants to open and shut it and play behind the glass...the very dirty glass! It is clean now, I promise, but probably not for long!

Mouth gobbers on the glass is the best isn't it!?

then, she {snapped}
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Unknown said...

Great pictures. My sliding glass door in my living room is constantly covered in toddler goop.

EMily said...

Cute! Mouth gobbers...greasy fingerprints...they all work!

Melanie said...

Awwww... what a goobery cutie pie! Lol, Jax is 3, & it is still mission impossible to keep out glass door clean!

I'm sure we'll both miss the little fingerprints & mouth goobery glass one day! Mouth goobers is my word(s) for the day! Lol)Love it!

Big Apple Mami said...

What a cutie pie! Love those pictures. Found you through Courtney @BaxtronLife. Great blog!