Friday, June 8, 2012

Creativity in my Life

Awhile back, I did a guest post over at Little Homemade Housewife, Mrs White, the fabulous lady in charge over there, asked me....

'What would you say is your main creative aesthetic, and how did you start/find it?'

About 15 years ago, I would have answered fairly quickly by saying that painting was the main thing I used to show off my creativity. I started painting and drawing really early in life. I remember spending many summer days outside sketching our family cat laying in the sun, drafting up my dream house on graph paper-room by room. I had all the patience in the world, erasing and redoing until it was perfect. My imagination was endless! Enter in high school and ART class was the place I fit in, I felt like that was my passion. I loved the freedom of painting my sketches, I loved the smell of a new canvas, the fluid motion of my brush in the wet paint...

Over the years my passion for painting is still there. But the time to do it, is not. Jobs, boyfriends, school, friends...and then a husband, two kids, a's hard to find the time to get out the paint (other then to finger paint with my almost 3 year old!)

Now, the one thing that I can truly say will always be my creative aesthetic is photography. I don't even think twice about picking up my camera and shooting 100 different shots in an hour. It's a natural part of our day, my kids always see me with my camera, and they know that mom is taking pictures, again. Editing them is so much fun, playing with textures and actions in Photoshop, there really is no limit as to what you can do! I love it! Truly bringing a moment to life through a photo is an amazing thing.

The best part of this passion of mine is that it is an essential thing. Everyone takes photographs, right? For remembering special moments, keeping track of milestones. It fits easily into my life and I don't have to carve out a particular chunk of time to do it in, photography is portable and goes with me everywhere. It's a great tool to use to appreciate the small things in this fast paced life!

Photography will always be a part of me, especially with little feet running around. Painting will always be there too, just not on a large 5 foot by 3 foot canvas, but on a roll of paper; paint oozing from tiny fingers. As I grow and learn new things, as I try to balance, fall down and pick myself back up, creativity will always be there and for that I am so thankful!

And that's what my blog, Imprintalish is about. It's my Impressions, Inspirations and Imperfections. My moments of being a mommy to two gorgeous little boys, to being a wife, to being an aspiring WAHM, to being the best women I can be, one day at a time, through all the ups and downs and of course, through all the beautiful moments too!

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Amanda said...

These are gorgeous pictures! I just started really getting into photography a few years ago, and I'm an addict. I'm learning Photoshop, but it is a very slow process for me (kinda why I like Instagram so much!) but it's a fun process.