Friday, January 27, 2012

3 Valentine Garlands

I've mentioned before that I love Valentine's Day, but not because of the meaning behind it (love should be shared every day-not just one day a year!) I love it because of all the fantastic crafts that can be made!!!! I'm going to share with you three Heart Garlands that I've made, two are new this year and one is from last year.

Twinkling Doilies


Strand of white mini lights
Package of white and pink heart doilies (dollar store!)

This is the easiest project ever! Simple poke mini light bulbs through the top of the doily hearts. That's it!! DONE! LOL!

Melted Crayon Heart Garland

I had been thinking about these Melted Crayon Hearts for a bit now and I was dying to try them out for myself! I thought it would be a good craft for Gray and I to try out together. I was mistaken though and ended up doing it on my own, which was probably for the best because it got quite messy!!! 

A handful or crayons
Wax Paper

Start by peeling the wrappers off the crayons (this is not as fun as it sounds, LOL) My fingers were pretty sore! Then take a knife and cut up the crayons into tiny pieces. The smaller the better. I found that some of the chunks took forever to melt, so next time I will keep chopping away!

Lay out a towel on your ironing board, followed by a piece of paper and then a piece of wax paper. Scatter the crayon pieces around, spreading them out well. Lay another piece of wax paper over top.

Fold the edges of the wax paper in two to create a seal to keep the melting crayons in side the package. Place a piece of paper over top.

Place a hot iron on top for a couple minutes, moving it around to melt all of the crayon pieces. Since some of my pieces were thicker, I had to leave it on that area for a bit longer!

After ironing you are left with a sheet that looks like this. Now you can start cutting out your hearts, I just free handed mine, but you could use a stencil if you like.

I love how they turned out and I may just leave them up all year round!

Sewn Paper Hearts

This one is from last year and I unfortunately don't have a tutorial for it, but you basically cut out hearts onto a variety of scrapbooking paper and sew them together! For some of the hearts I grouped three together and then fluffed them up after sewing to give it a 3D appearance.

How do you decorate for Valentine's Day?


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Amy said...

I love those. I especially love the melted crayon hearts. I know what you mean about sore fingers from peeling crayons. I found if you take an exacto knife and make one slice down the paper the crayon slips right out. Yay... No more sore fingers.

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

I love these!

And love meeting other Canadian bloggers :)


Melanie said...

ONE of my new years goal is to be more crafty (like my Lish friend/you)! Awww.. everytime I smell melted crayons it takes me back to kindergarten. We used to make melted crayon art, LOVE that smell.

Wow, the crayon hearts are SO pretty to photograph. LOVE the hearts hanging from your fireplace too! ANNND "craftiest gal award" goes to.... Lish!


Patrice said...

I adore those melted crayon hearts - we did that when I was in elementary school 50 years ago...great memories!

Carrie said...

What wonderful garlands! Thank you for sharing them at Sharing Saturday!! Have a great week!

Unknown said...

Those are all cute, but my favorite by far has to be the melted crayon ones!! How colorful and fun! Thanks SO much for sharing these great ideas at our Shine on Fridays party!

The Monko said...

i love love love the melted crayon heart garland