Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guest Post from Digger at Digging Deeper into Design

I've got a special treat for you today!!! Please give a huge welcome to Digger. If you haven't been over to Digging Deeper into Design, I suggest you get your butt over there after you read this. Digger's words are from the heart and she is an absolute sweetie!!!!

Hello!! I am so honored to be guesting here at Imprintalish. My name is Digger. I blog over at Digging Deeper Into Design. I absolutely love Lish, so I'm super excited to be taking over her little piece of the interwebs today and talking to all of her fantastic follower. (hint: that's YOU!) Anyway, I've been asked a lot lately about what my day looks like and how I keep things balanced… lol… well, I try. That's pretty much "how" I do it. It's never perfect and it's always a work in progress, but I thought I'd give you a sneak peak into a normal Monday-Friday day. So without further ado, pretend you're really sleepy (pretend hehe, right!) and let's get into…

A Day In The Life...

6:30 - Alarm goes off.. eyes, kind of open… left hand slams iPhone… and... snooze…hehehe

6:45 - Bruiser's alarm goes off, and my day starts for real. He's in the shower and I'm searching for his shoes, or coat, or gloves, or reading book, or whatever else he left out and didn't put in his backpack.

7:10 - I wrap Monster in a blanket and strap him into the car seat, then we're off to take Bruiser to school.

7:45 - Kiss Bruiser good-bye, wish him a good day, and watch him run off after a friend as they walk into school together.

8:15 - Pull back in the garage and very carefully unbuckle Monster and even more carefully carry him back inside and lay him in my bed in my spot. (8 out of 10 times he stays asleep. Points for Mom!)

8:20 - Start coffee, cut up/peel some fruit and pull out the granola, make breakfast.

8:30 - Pull out computer and put the finishing touches on the day's post.

8:45 - Monster climbs up to the counter next to me and asks for juice and toast.

9:00 - I shower, put Monster in while I get dressed, then it's his turn for the clothes.

10:00 - Onto the house: laundry, dishes, toilets, carpets, etc.. etc.. etc..

Right in here is when I design, write, play Batman (ok, you're right, usually it's more along the Joker/Riddler/Penguin lines, cause I don't quite fit in the cape and it looks dang cute on a certain little boy) 

12:00 - Lunch: PB&J Tortilla with fruit and crackers for Monster & bread, cheese, yogurt, and veggies for Mom.

12:30 - Storytime and Schooltime for Monster: My favorite time of the day! Seriously, I love this part!! We read books, tell stories, and turn the music on to dance. :) Then it's school time: ABC's, numbers, sorting, colors, animals, etc…

2:30 - Monster gets some time to play with Batman and watch a little Backyardigans while I finish up a design, a post, or some other project.

3:45 - Monster and I walk up to the bus stop and wait/climb trees until Bruiser steps off the bus.

4:00 - Fix a snack and start homework with Bruiser.

4:30 - Depending on the weather we go outside and swing, jump on the tramp, work in the yard, play in the water or ride bikes. If it's rainy we pull out the art stuff and draw, paint, or sculpt something at the table.

5:30 - The boys finish their game or project while I start dinner.

6:00 - Hubs is home and dinner is on the table. We eat as a family and go over our day: school, work, Batman, and design.

7:00 - Family time: wrestling, movies, games, etc..

9:00 - Boys go to bed and Hubs and I take care of our online stuff: emails, business calls, paperwork, posts and anything else that's needed.

10:30 - Get in bed, watch some TV and talk.

11:00 - Bedtime. :) Good Night! :)

Thanks so much for letting us take a peak at a Day in Your life, Digger! Being a mom is probably the toughest job and I always wonder how other's balance their time. I see now that the secret is to have one kid in school...hehe...:)


Digger said...

LOL! Thank you so much for having me Lish!! And yes…hehe.. that's my secret! But when Bruiser is home, the routine doesn't vary too much, they just entertain each other more. They really are Best Friends! It's great and I'm really lucky in that department! :) Thanks again!!

All The Love

Kat of EmKatCreations said...

Major kudos to the stay at home mom! The boys are so cute. I really enjoy reading both of your blogs!

Mrs. Darcy said...

I love that they are there to great Bruiser when get gets off the bus. I want to be that mom.

Awesome post from a great blogger:)

andie jaye said...

what a fun post! it's so neat to see how other momma's days go! off to check out more of her blog!