Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Words, Winners and Wintery Fun on a Wednesday!

Did you ever make tractor marks in the snow whe you were little...Grayson loves them!
Ya, I know Wednesday is supposed to be How Pinteresting...But, honestly I haven't had time to come up with anything. The kids and I are at my parents for the next couple of days while our roof gets torn off and rebuilt from the groundup, fun, eh? Ya....we were pretty excited when our contractor called on Monday and said the building permit came through already and they could start on Tuesday. So I scrambled last minute to pack up and head out of town for the week. One thing I didn't have planned was some scheduled blog posts, but I figured I could throw some together at my parents using their laptop. Well, when your not familiar with a laptop, you just can't quickly throw something together. The 'thumbed' mouse thingy sucks, the keys aren't in the right place, I keep hitting the cap lock key and well, let's just say there wasn't much use throwing some photos and stuff to do onto a memory stick, cause it's not getting done!!!!

So now you just get my rambles amongst some photos. K?

BUT, if you want a post with a bit more substance, I'm also guest posting over at Digger's blog, Digging Deeper, so come on over and say hi!

PLUS, I can also let you know who won the extended giveaway from Jordan Marie at Hottlt Designs!!! She actually picked four winners instead of three, how nice is that!!? So here are the lucky winners! Jordan Marie will be emailing you soon!

Congratulations ladies and I can't wait to see your new designs!!!!
I've got a new giveaway going on as well, head on over here, to win your very own copy of the My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software and to get a special discount code!!!


Ashley said...

You have beautiful kids! It looks like it's a nice day in your part of the world, too.

Briana Richardson said...

Thank you so much! I am so excited!

Melanie said...

Yay... to the winners. Such an awesome gift! These are fab wintery shots Lish! Your lil mans eyes are stunning.

Hope you have a roof over your head very soon! Literally. Lol)

Jen the CraftinCowgirl said...

Thank you Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!! I'm sooo excited!