Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crazy Summer Days

Lately, blogging has been the last thing on my mind. The passion just hasn't been there for me to blog or to create. It's truly been too hot to do anything, or too nice to be inside. I have been using that little 'Schedule' button more often then I can count and trying to use up all those drafts and unfinished posts in my post folder! I've also tried to set my camera down more this week because while I enjoy capturing every stinkin' second of my little guys and the things we do, it is also nice to just be in the moment. 

Among our daily crazy adventures this past week, we got a brand new furnace and central air system installed-woohoo, spent some time at the beach and got family portraits taken {I can't wait to see them!}

I love this one-what a sweetie pie!!!!!!

Ni Hao Yall happy jax

He couldn't wait one second longer {went in diaper and all!}

I have been feverishly working on things for my new shop {coming very, very soon!}

How was your week?



Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

It looks like yall have been having a wonderful time! You seriously take some of the best photos ever and no, I'm never going to stop complimenting you on them. ;)

Unknown said...

What fun photos; I love them all! Look at those eyes, the facial expressions and that belly! So friggin' cute! And are you getting a foot massage?! :o)

Ruthie said...

Aww! Great pictures!!!

Stefanie said...

I love this series... especially love the one of your feet with the kids in the pool in the background :)
Thanks for sharing your Sunday Snapshot this week!
P.S. I can so relate to wanting to just ENJOY the moment instead of always taking pictures.